1. Sometimes when people don’t say things, they don’t say things differently.

    Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz

    <i>Beyond Deep and Surface: Explorations in the Typology of Anaphora</i>


  2. I’m trying to predict the stock market and I don’t even know why anyone approved this.

    Computer Science, Kings College London


  3. Mo books, mo problems.

    Religion, Columbia University

    "Conversion by the Book: Buddhist Print Culture in Early Republican China"

    Read thesis: http://academiccommons.columbia.edu/item/ac:161473


  4. Love between Robots or Technology and Humans weirds people out.

    Communication Arts: Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    "I Believe in a (Human) Thing Called Love: The New Hot Topic in Science Fiction Film and TV"


  5. It usually helps when people take their medicine.

    Social Work, WCU

    "Remote Medication Management Systems: Potential Benefits for Polypharmacy and Rural Populations"


  6. BFFs are super important in making sure you’re not messed up as a kid.

    Psychology, Georgetown University


  7. Milking goats and maiming zombies in video games can teach people important things.

    Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University


  8. People will ignore half of a poet’s work to ID her as monosexual

    Early Modern English Literature, Kings College London

    "The emergent discourse of Aphra Behn" (provisional title)


  9. The Data is Muddy on Whether Invasive Species Can Change Soil Quality.

    Environmental Science, Carthage College


  10. People like good beer, because it tastes better than bad beer.

    Science, Technology & Society, Vassar College.


  11. Rule One of Wisdom Tree: There are no rules

    Anthropology, California State University Northridge

    "Tangible Communitas: A Folkloric Investigation of the Los Angeles Wisdom Tree" 


  12. I totally ship those two Arthurian knights

    German Studies, University of Vienna

    "Die Männerfreundschaft zwischen Hartmann von Aues Iwein und Gawein"


  13. Listen Up Bitchez, Women Are Revolutionary Too.

    Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

    Thesis title: An Attempt at Seditious History: Reimagining Woman through the Archives of the Ghadr Movement


  14. FYI: Pokemons are not demons.

    Interactions between the world of humans and the world of demons as seen in Japanese culture up to the Modern Era.


  15. Getting yelled at by God and your family being murdered have remarkably similar effects on your fashion choices.

    Religion, Smith College

    “For a Sound of Wailing is Heard from Zion”: Mourning Practices and Prophetic Rituals in the Hebrew Bible