1. It is possible to write an urban fantasy novel featuring vampires who aren’t having sex. But then multiple agents and editors will tell you it’s nonpublishable. Thanks, Twlight.

    Writing Popular Fiction, Seton Hill University


  2. An Expressionistic, Angsty Love Letter to Tennessee Williams by me.

    Theatre/English, The University of Vermont

    "The Woods: An Exploration of Sexuality through Dramatic Structure"


  3. Can we reject classical math and still do classical math? Yes.

    Philosophy, University of Nevada Las Vegas


  4. Sauron is pretty evil. Voldemort is also pretty evil. Sauron and Voldemort are also pretty similar, but they are not EXACTLY the same. I will now talk about them for 90 pages.

    English, Princeton University


  5. I spent a year on this and not much happened, but look at all the stuff I made!

    Exercise Physiology, Arizona State University

    "Effect of a Wii Fit Intervention on Balance, Muscular Fitness, and Bone Health in Middle-aged Women"


  6. Something went wrong with the wetland we designed

    Civil Engineering, Lafayette College


  7. People are less likely to think things are weird if their friends act like they’re not weird.

    Sociology, American University


  8. Dead Babies Are Good for Business and Other Reasons Why I’m Not Going to Grad School for Econ.

    Economics, Washington and Lee University

    "The Effect of Political Institutions on the Prevalence of the Small-Medium Enterprise Sector"


  9. California is a paradise you can’t have because Americans are greedy bastards.

    American Studies/Political Science

    University of Würzburg 


  10. Sir Arthur Cannon Doyle is the Nostradamus of forensic science.

    Film/Television, Boston University


  11. Museums are culturally appropriative pack rats, and people are noticing.

    History, Texas Christian University

    “From Under the Bow: A Redefinition of the Purpose and Potential of Museums for Society in the Digital Age”


  12. When Cells feel lonely they are not going to do shit for you

    Molecular Biology, University of Glasgow

    Using Co-culture to improve Vascularisation of Bone Constructs in Tissue Engineering


  13. I can predict how many chickens are going to die next week in Egypt— half of the time

    Epidemiology, Yale University
    A Predictive Model of Avian Influenza in Poultry in Egypt Using Machine Learning Techniques


  14. I got tired of writing, so I’m quoting a lot of Jet Li

    Plan II Honors, UT Austin

    Martial Arts in Post-Mao China: evolving perceptions and practices of wushu in Chinese society and abroad


  15. Sororities: it’s like Christianity with a better dress code.

    Religion Studies, Muhlenberg College