1. Amy Poehler is better than Tina Fey

    Gender, Sexuality and Culture, University of Manchester


  2. Americans do not like it when their politician are too smart. And they never have.

    History, University of Iowa


  3. I partied with rich, gay men and I have western imperialism to blame for it.

    Anthropology, Lahore University of Management Sciences

    "The Gay International and Bio-Power: Pakistan’s upper-class gay community."


  4. Parasitical worms are a pain in the (bloody) arse

    Early Modern History, University of York

    "Intestinal worms as social objects in early modern England."


  5. I can force people to be nicer to each other by making very pretty, very distracting things. Maybe, sometimes.

    M.Phil in Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic

    (Designing for connection, TL;DR version)


  6. Americans in 1950s Korea wanted to transform Korean identity – even if it meant through double eyelid surgery.

     East Asian Studies, Dartmouth College

    "The Face of American Goodwill in Asia: Ralph Millard, Howard Rusk, and the Curious Beginnings of Double Eyelid Surgery in 1950s Korea"


  7. Thimbles: those little fuckers are kind of important

    Early Modern History, University of York

    “‘Her Finger’s Armour’: The Humble Thimble in Eighteenth-Century England.”


  8. At some point we stopped thinking of the future as Utopia and began thinking of it as apocalytpic.

    Humanities and Political Science, Carleton University. 

    "The Evolution of Public Thought from Utopia to Distopia, and the Effect on Public Policy"


  9. Writing a dissertation is bad for mental, physical and economic health

    Sociology, University of Chicago


  10. Your dog’s pee is most likely making its way into the water that you drink.

    Environmental Biology, Barnard College

    "Nutrient analysis of the water infiltrating NYC tree pits."


  11. It sucks to be poor. Unless there’s an economic crisis- then maybe it doesn’t suck, but it probably still does.

    Economics, NYU Abu Dhabi

    A Sector Analysis of Emerging Economies During Crisis


  12. Augustus told everyone he wasn’t becoming an emperor in order to distract them from the fact that he was becoming an emperor

    History, Portland State University


  13. Native kids raised by nice white people are confused by mean white people.

    Social Work, University of Calgary

    All My Relations ~ Native Transracial Adoption: A critical case study of cultural identity


  14. Verbs are Nouns and Nouns are Verbs and NOBODY KNOWS WHY

    Linguistics, Emory University

    "The Role of Syntax in Word Conversion: Uses and Limits of a Corpus-Based Approach to Converted Denominal Verbs"

    Read Thesis: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/ft4tt


  15. I managed to synthesize everything BUT the compound I wanted to make.

    Inorganic Chemistry, University of Washington