1. Frankenstein fucked himself over just like the Greek Gods did (by not listening)

    English, Hull University 

    "Hubris, Hamartia and the Downfall of the Gothic Hero"


  2. How people’s emphatic, macabre fixation with really awful murders has an effect on legal policies and punishment and stuff

    Murder, Media, and Mayhem: The Metamorphosis of California Murder Cases to International Media Sensations

    Legal Studies, University of California, Berkeley


  3. powerful people want your personal data because $$$

    Sociology, San Diego State University

    "The Surveillance Network."


  4. The (mis)recognition of qualifications is all about the violence of the collective knowing-it-all-better.

    Sociology, Humboldt University Berlin



  5. Do we actually make choices???? A depressed man tries to justify why he broke up with his fiancee.

    Philosophy, Boston College

    (The Concept of Freedom within Søren Kierkegaard: A Philosophical Reconciliation of the Human and the Divine)


  6. David Hume probably thought mathematics was possible.

    Liberal Arts, St. John’s College

    “Hume’s Empirical Mathematics”


  7. The muscles in my thumb are so much stronger after eighteen months of constant pipetting to make these nanoparticles.

    Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University

    "The Development of Polysaccharide-based Nanoparticles for the Prevention of Foam Cell Formation during Atherosclerosis"


  8. I ruin puns by explaining them.

    English and American studies

    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

    Thesis title: The linguistics of English puns.


  9. Yes, writing two children’s books counts as a thesis

    English, University of Northern Iowa

    "When I was Your Age, Pluto was a Planet": Two Children’s Books Addressing Environmental Concerns


  10. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, Motown.

    Afro-American Studies, Smith College

    "The Same Old Song: Berry Gordy’s Business Strategies in the Classic Motown Era"


  11. My English pronounciation is bad so I decided to write a thesis on it.

    English and American Studies, University of Budapest

    Typical Hungarian mistakes in the pronunciation of English vowels: Mispronunciations caused by the different vowel inventories and rules in the two languages.


  12. This is just a really long feminist rant. Please don’t let me fail.

    Political Science, LMU Munich

    Actual title: “‘Matrix of Domination’ - an intersectional approach to power structures”


  13. People know they are watching a movie.

    Cinema Studies, University of Pennsylvania


  14. Don’t get arrested because police interrogation sucks

    Psychology and Legal Studies, Claremont McKenna College


  15. I poke small, squishy things with wood and metal objects and move around tiny volumes of clear liquid.

    Microbiology PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa