1. Verbs are Nouns and Nouns are Verbs and NOBODY KNOWS WHY

    Linguistics, Emory University

    "The Role of Syntax in Word Conversion: Uses and Limits of a Corpus-Based Approach to Converted Denominal Verbs"

    Read Thesis: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/ft4tt


  2. I managed to synthesize everything BUT the compound I wanted to make.

    Inorganic Chemistry, University of Washington


  3. Crucifixion is violent, and taints everything around it with violence.

    Systematic Theology, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

    "No Greater Love Than This: Violence, Nonviolence, and the Atonement"


  4. My results would be a lot more prettier, if my tutor didn’t lose my samples and the XRD wouldn’t crash the last week.

    Geology, BBTE


  5. If it’s the end of the world, you might as well bone.

    Creative Writing, Eastern Kentucky University


  6. Do kids understand physics if they’re allowed to experiment with objects? Well, no.

    Developmental psychology, University of Utrecht.


  7. Igor Stravinsky was a crazy ass Russian tripping on acid.

    Music, Saint Ambrose University 

    "Igor Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms


  8. Could we show that caffeine and sucralose kill tumour cells? Probably not.

    Immunology, McMaster University

    "Developing a High Throughput Assay to Investigate Chemical Agents Which Sensitize Tumour Cells to Killing by CAR Engineered T cells"


  9. If rats (or myself) drink alcohol, we will probably wanna do it again.

    Neuroscience & Behavior, Barnard College


  10. Theatre is SUPER inclusive… oops, you forgot people with disabilities. Again.

    Performing Arts Management, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

    Inclusion and Accessibility: Options for Addressing the Representation of People with Disabilities in the American Non-Profit Theatre


  11. Though model performance is ‘meh’, we’re pretty sure glaciers are melting

    MSc. Climate Change, University College London

    "Assessing the impact of nowcasting data on a numerical modeling approach of glacier melt in the Ötztal Alps."


  12. Nietzsche had daddy issues. He tried to overcome them with animal experimentation, but they just became different kinds of daddy issues.

    Science and Technology Studies, York University. 

    "The Physiology of the Übermensch: Genius, Decadence, Science and the Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche" 


  13. IRB sucks: All I wanted to do was talk to drag queens about clothes

    New York University, Visual Culture: Costume Studies


  14. It’s not sopranos’ fault that they’re impossible to understand. But maybe it is.

    Linguistics, Boston University

    The effect of linguistic environment on vowels sung at high pitches


  15. Proteins are little shits and are not to be trusted.

    Biochemistry, University of Sussex.

    Structure-function studies of the AIP-Survivin complex.