1. Me interpreting Hegel interpreting Socrates interpreting himself and Greek Sittlichkeit

    Philosophy, University of Colorado Denver. 

    A Hegelian Interpretation of Socrates.”


  2. Honey bees don’t like it when you dip them in liquid nitrogen.

    Molecular Biology, Australian National University

    Epigenetic Regulation of Ribosomal Protein Genes in The Honey Bee


  3. an illustrated guide to getting the most out of consumer objects that you feel guilty for having consumed.

    Illustration, OCAD University




  4. Gene Therapy is a morally and ethically sound thing to do, because reasons.

    BA (Hons) Philosophy, University of East Anglia.

    "A Moral and Ethical Analysis of the Application of Gene Therapy to Increase Human Longevity"


  5. Contradictions don’t make the world fall apart because Buddhism says so (or, I realized in my junior year that I would rather be studying math and religion).

    Philosophy, Barnard College of Columbia University

    "Logic, Ontology, and Contradiction in East Asian Buddhist Philosophy”


  6. Turns out society is screwed without fossil fuels

    Science & Technology Policy Studies, University of Sussex

    "An assessment of the relationship between energy, energy efficiency and economic growth: Heterodox models of growth and the extended coevolutionary perspective"


  7. If you don’t label your sh-t, you can’t find your sh-t.


  8. Spending all my money riding the subway and listening to good music

    Journalism, SUNY Purchase

    "Music Under New York: The History and Cultural Impact of Subway Musicians"


  9. Borrowing Victorian porn periodicals, children’s stories, and books on equine bestiality from the library will probably get you on a government watchlist.

    Literature, Colorado State University

    Taming Ginger: Unruly Femininity in Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty


  10. The EU legislative process is complex as fuck.

    LLM in European Legal Studies, Glasgow University


  11. Musicians are poor, corporations are rich, and Brazilians are cool.



  12. If you heat pieces of plastic bottle well enough, they melt.

    BSc, Physics


  13. You actually do learn something from school… but it doesn’t matter in the long run.

    Anthropology, Carnegie Mellon University


  14. Sometimes when people don’t say things, they don’t say things differently.

    Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz

    <i>Beyond Deep and Surface: Explorations in the Typology of Anaphora</i>


  15. I’m trying to predict the stock market and I don’t even know why anyone approved this.

    Computer Science, Kings College London