1. I didn’t want to study applications of graph theory but here we are

    Math, Mount St. Joseph University


  2. Enterprise 2.0 often doesn’t work like it says on the label because people.

    PhD, Computer Science, University of Southampton

    Hang On A Minute: A Bourdieusian Perspective On Enterprise 2.0


  3. Well, I paid $125,000 to realize I don’t want to be a therapist.

    M.S. Clinical Psychology.


  4. Only people with the wrong combination of genes get ‘kissing disease’ and I’m one of them

    Molecular biology, University of Cambridge


  5. Teenagers are literally just tryna be trendy and follow historical patterns of language change, but prescriptivists think they’re dumb and don’t want to give them jobs

    English language and literature, University of South Carolina

    "Literally" speaking: Youth language, prescriptivism, and ideology


  6. Bridges are bouncy when you jump on them.

    Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo

    "Vibration characterisation of aluminium pedestrian bridges"


  7. Basically war criminals are allowed to live comfortably in Western countries provided they’ve stopped committing war crimes

    International Conflict Analysis, University of Kent 

    "Catch Me If You Feel Like It: Universal Jurisdiction Legislation and the Prosecution of Rwandan War Criminals"


  8. Millennials don’t suck as much as Fox News wants us to think

    MSc Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Nottingham

    "Millennials at Work: Media, Myth and Global Generations"


  9. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl to physics.

    Playwriting, Kenyon College


  10. Figaro is pretty much the same character between Beaumarchais and Mozart, but not really.

    Music, Kenyon College


  11. Ancient Peruvians threw stuff down a drain: maybe it was ritual, probably just trash.

    Archaeology, Stanford University

    Challenging Ritual and Exploring Deposition within the Canals of Chavín de Huántar


  12. Some types of foams are better for shoe insoles than others, but these ones are sorta meh.

    Mechanical and Material Systems Engineering, Australian National University


  13. Why Fontenrose was wrong and 300 pages of other stuff about Delphic Myth.

    Classics, Fresno Pacific University

    Harrowing Holy Ground: The Victims of Apollo


  14. The rate that young star systems lose matter can be inferred from squiggly lines collected by expensive telescopes

    Astronomy, Smith College

    "Revisiting Forbidden Lines in T Tauri Stars"


  15. Micromotors: So Cool, So Useless

    Electrical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

    "Characterization of a Closed-Loop Micromotor Control System"