1. Plato was a bad influence

    Epistemology and clinical psych, Hampshire College.


  2. Abstract painting, but really, intimacy issues.

    University of British Columbia, Art History


  3. Maybe we should make solar cell polymers that *don’t* degrade in light.

    Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin


  4. Porn made by women is better than porn made by men.

    English, Michigan State University

    "Re-imaging Her Erotics: The Personal and Political in Carolee Schneemann’s Filmic Body"


  5. Bible slips in death of entire generation of Israelites in second go at telling the exodus story, and nobody notices


  6. That line about misogyny in the police force is a lot funnier if the actors stand over here then if they stood over there.

    Drama, Kenyon College


  7. Kids are super confused because we tell them to share toys but the media won’t let them.

    Communication, Endicott College

    "Sharing is Caring, but Stereotypes Make Money: How Commercial Content Affects Boys’ Perceptions of Gender Appropriate Toys"


  8. Changing who you are affects how you remember, sometimes.

    Cognitive Psychology, Duke University


  9. Is this Anglo-Saxon or Celtic?…Both. Both is good.

    Art History (BA), Truman State University.

    A Curvilinear Perspective: Celtic Influences in Anglo-Saxon Metalworking.


  10. Turns out it’s really hard to design an experiment when there is close to no relevant literature.

    Psychology, High Point University

    Doodling, Topic Interest, and Mind-Wandering’s Affects on Recall


  11. I didn’t want to study applications of graph theory but here we are

    Math, Mount St. Joseph University


  12. Enterprise 2.0 often doesn’t work like it says on the label because people.

    PhD, Computer Science, University of Southampton

    Hang On A Minute: A Bourdieusian Perspective On Enterprise 2.0


  13. Well, I paid $125,000 to realize I don’t want to be a therapist.

    M.S. Clinical Psychology.


  14. Only people with the wrong combination of genes get ‘kissing disease’ and I’m one of them

    Molecular biology, University of Cambridge


  15. Teenagers are literally just tryna be trendy and follow historical patterns of language change, but prescriptivists think they’re dumb and don’t want to give them jobs

    English language and literature, University of South Carolina

    "Literally" speaking: Youth language, prescriptivism, and ideology