1. Sick chickens express genes that healthy chickens don’t.

    Pre-veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences, University of Delaware


  2. Aeschylus, tragedy and politics and stuff.

    Classics, Loyola University Chicago


  3. A bunch of cranky old European dudes got sick of complaining to their governments and instead complain to the EU

    Political Science, Brigham Young University

    "European separatist movements and the redefining impact of the EU on their political strategy"


  4. We made this thing that is fluorescent and psychedelic and confusing and we don’t understand much about it but we hope that you like it.

    Physics, Brandeis University


  5. I spent $7,836+ conducting this longitudinal study only to discover the GROUNDBREAKING finding that bad things in adolescence predict bad things in adulthood

    Psychology & Anthropology, University of Notre Dame

    "A Longitudinal Study of Dysfunctional Individuation as a Predictor of Depressive Symptoms"


  6. You will not be surprised to learn that lawyers and judges make things up, but I’m going to attempt to tell you why it matters that they do.

    Law, University of Cambridge


  7. Maybe being optimistic isn’t that great?

    Political Science, Denison University

    "Participation and Optimism in the Political Context: How Optimism Both Helps and Hinders Political Participation"


  8. Neoliberalism has made the tenure process in higher education demoralizing and infantalizing, and it doesn’t help that the Provost is a sociopath.

    Anthropology, American University 

    "Resisting Neoliberal Narratives: Postcolonial Resistance in Tenure Battles" 


  9. People know that drugs make you feel good

    Psychology, Ferris State University

    "The co-morbidity of bipolar disorder and substance abuse"


  10. A fungus kills hazelnuts. We found hazelnuts in some former communist countries that don’t die. Why.

    Plant Science, Rutgers University 


  11. You should punch people who talk in lecture because it’ll make your memory bad.

    Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour, McMaster University

    "The impact of perceptual interference on recognition memory"


  12. If I create a piece of performance that is designed to make people uncomfortable/hate it, people will still come and like it and hug me.

    MFA Theatre Performance, Arizona State University

    "Asking for It: The Consent Project. The socially engaged dramaturgy of a solo performance installation. www.chelseapace.com/askingforit/


  13. Hey cancer cell. Kill yourself. Seriously, go get a gun, and kill yourself.

    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University


  14. If historians start paying attention to women, men in power get wicked nervous: Mormon edition.

    Religious Studies, University of Chicago

    "No Man Knows My History: Strategy and Authority in Mormon Women’s History"


  15. If everyone could just shut the fuck up we wouldn’t have to worry about freedom of speech

    Philosophy, University of Michigan