1. Aboriginal people think the government is a scrub (and a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love)

    History, University of Waterloo

    Actual thesis title: “We have to decide for ourselves as Indian people”: Aboriginal Participation during the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, 1975-1976 


  2. Who would ever want to be so lazy that they remain a fatty? A possum, that’s who!

    Zoology, University of New England


  3. People in the 1890s liked Shakespeare because they thought it made them fancy.

    English, Ball State University.

    Shakespeare in Middletown, 1890-1899.


  4. Rape culture in the middle ages is the same as rape culture now.

    History, Skidmore College


  5. We want the government to make us feel safe, but that actually makes us less safe.

    Politics, Bates College. 

    "Feeling Safe vs. Being Safe: The Politics of Counterterrorism"


  6. Not taking 8 pills every day is way easier than taking 8 pills every day so here let me make that a thing

    Chemistry, University of Virginia

    Using sustained-release antibiotic implants to treat Mycobacterium tuberculosis increases patient compliance and stems the growth of multi-drug resistance


  7. "Just because it binds, doesn’t mean its doing anything. Shit sticks to the bottom of your foot, it doesn’t mean it has receptors on it"

    MRes Brain Sciences, University College London.


  8. Theatre in public spaces is more public. Plus: Foucault!

    Theatre, Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich. (Germany)

    'Socio-spatial borderline - Theatre in the public space.'


  9. I talked to different people, and they said different things.

    Rhetoric and Composition, University of Rhode Island.


  10. Wouldn’t it be cool if academic writing was more accessible?

    M.A. English, Montclair State University


  11. Socrates is bad at inducing moral growth and I don’t want him nor any characters from The Tempest at my birthday party.

    Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago


  12. A Catholic composer who lived in the Age of the Enlightenment probably wrote music about Catholicism and the Age of the Enlightenment.

    Music, Acadia University


  13. Society: “Silly woman, sexy boobs are for men, not for feeding babies!”


  14. People who agree with each other are more likely to agree with each other.

    History, Carleton College.


  15. Iago is a envious, manipulative bag of dicks.

    Theatre, Southwestern University

    'Othello- Iago: The reasons of manipulation.’