1. I use lasers to play pinball with atoms.

    Physics, Australian National University

    "Atom interferometry in optical waveguides"


  2. China’s breaking international law by not letting Hong Kong have real elections, but there’s not much anybody can do about it.

    LLM, NYU.


  3. I have no idea if Yellowstone gray wolf epigenotype influences adult social rank, but their pack lineages read like Oedipus the King, so that kinda interesting…

    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University 

    "Social Status, Epigenetic Variation, and Complex Phenotypes: How dominance hierarchies effect plastic DNA methylation in Yellowstone Gray Wolves"


  4. Period rooms are kinda fucked up.

    History of Art, Bryn Mawr


  5. no matter how much you love something, making an architecture thesis will make you hate it

    Architecture, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

    "CREARTE: Recreative Arts Center in Ciudad Juárez"


  6. Bond markets don’t really care if you’re liberal or conservative, only if you’ll pay them back.

    Political Science, Notre Dame

    "Interest Rates, Ideology, and Integration: Examining Market Responses to Ideological Changes in Europe"


  7. Women could have affairs in 18th century England and not die afterwards.

    English Literature, Brandeis University


  8. Sick chickens express genes that healthy chickens don’t.

    Pre-veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences, University of Delaware


  9. Aeschylus, tragedy and politics and stuff.

    Classics, Loyola University Chicago


  10. A bunch of cranky old European dudes got sick of complaining to their governments and instead complain to the EU

    Political Science, Brigham Young University

    "European separatist movements and the redefining impact of the EU on their political strategy"


  11. We made this thing that is fluorescent and psychedelic and confusing and we don’t understand much about it but we hope that you like it.

    Physics, Brandeis University


  12. I spent $7,836+ conducting this longitudinal study only to discover the GROUNDBREAKING finding that bad things in adolescence predict bad things in adulthood

    Psychology & Anthropology, University of Notre Dame

    "A Longitudinal Study of Dysfunctional Individuation as a Predictor of Depressive Symptoms"


  13. You will not be surprised to learn that lawyers and judges make things up, but I’m going to attempt to tell you why it matters that they do.

    Law, University of Cambridge


  14. Maybe being optimistic isn’t that great?

    Political Science, Denison University

    "Participation and Optimism in the Political Context: How Optimism Both Helps and Hinders Political Participation"


  15. Neoliberalism has made the tenure process in higher education demoralizing and infantalizing, and it doesn’t help that the Provost is a sociopath.

    Anthropology, American University 

    "Resisting Neoliberal Narratives: Postcolonial Resistance in Tenure Battles"